About Mantle

Mantle is an artist-run creative space in San Antonio, TX. It's a 24/7 studio space that also features an exhibition space in a historical building in the Beacon Hills neighborhood, just outside of downtown San Antonio.

There are currently full-time resident artist, guest artist, and exhibition spaces available, please email us for more information.


Mantle features over 1500 sq. ft. of working space, high ceilings, storage, tiled wet work space and cement floors. We can accommodate most mediums and disciplines and encourage collaborative work between artists. Residents have 24/7 access. Utilities are included in the flat monthly rate. 


We are currently accepting a limited amount of exhibitions for the upcoming year. The space is large enough for installation work, and we encourage multiple disciplines, topics, and can host solo or group shows. If you are interested in having a show at Mantle, please click below. 



Mantle Art Space also hosts an assortment of events throughout the month. If you want to stay up to date on upcoming events, be sure to check our Events page or our Facebook for upcoming exhibits, figure drawing, critique or other events. Interested in hosting an event at Mantle? Email us!


Sara Corley-Martinez

Sara Corley Martinez was born in Frederick, Maryland in 1986.  She received her MFA from the University of Cincinnati in 2011.  Sara has exhibited around the US with work in Baltimore, New York, and Cincinnati.  After a break to have a child she is inspired to create work about this physical transformation.

Sara's always been fascinated with the body and interested in what we see versus what goes on under the surface.  She's exploring what we can understand and what can never be understood in the pain of another’s experience.  She interprets her model’s medical histories into her own visual forms to further analyze what’s going on in and out of the body. 

Sara currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Sarah Lawrence

Vectors can be a rigid medium, but that's the thing that fascinates me. Beyond using gradient mesh to mimic light and therefore three-dimensional space, I like layering vectors like an intricate print, building depth through layer upon layer of shape. 

The aesthetics of the human form, particularly in the face, interests me conceptually. The face as canvas, as an object, as a subject of desire and beauty. The female face and form has almost always been a cultural obsession, a phenomenon.  I want to explore that through classic iconography, symbolism combined with a sense of surrealism and contemporary imagery.  

Sarah is from East Hampton, NY, and completed her B.A. Fine Arts at St. Lawrence University and M.S. Print Media at Rochester Institute of Technology. She is currently living and working in San Antonio, TX.