What’s the fee for?

Mantle Art Space is a non-profit organization focused on providing opportunities for marginalized artists to exhibit and grow. Your entry fee to this event helps us accomplish that mission.

We will accept cash and card at the event itself.


Nope! This is an ‘unjuried’ show - literally just show up with your piece, pay the donation and hang anywhere you like. We will not be offering formal critique. Priority goes to the first pieces through the door, the later you come the less room on the walls there is. Anything goes, but we do reserve the right to limit pieces that exemplify hate. If you are not sure, shoot us a message and we’ll let you know.

What if I come and there’s no room?

We know that not everyone can make it in the 12-4pm window and we hope to do more of these events soon, but for this one the availability is truly first-come, first-serve. We have limited the size of the pieces to help provide everyone an equal chance.

how do I show my piece?

Hanging Pieces: Must be wired or have hooks. We will have screws on hand for display. Lighter pieces can hang with magnets or tacks, we will have both available as well.

Sculpture: We have limited pedestal space but sculptures are welcome to rest on the floor or table. If they are hang-able, please provide a shelf or appropriate hardware.

We will have staff on hand to help hang pieces - no artist will need to climb a ladder or drill, etc. This is an accessible event for all ages. If your piece is display-ready we will hang it.

NOTE: Your piece MUST be for sale. You can price it however you’d like but we may advise higher or lower prices. We want artists to make money from this event!

We will have a form to fill out with your name, email address and/or phone number (for our contact ONLY, not included on the sellsheet), title and medium of the piece(s), and price. These will be coordinated with numbers on the wall and selling sheets will be made available to the public. We are equipped to process payment digitally and will return money to the artists at the completion of the event. You will get 100% of the profit unless you elect (voluntarily) to donate any percentage back to the space.


If you have a local friend they can bring your work and submission fee to the space and hang it for you. Please make sure they have all the correct information on hand during drop-off.