New Paintings on view by San Antonio artist Cassie Gnehm.

"For centuries men have controlled the way women’s bodies have been represented in art and culture. By repainting these female forms, she is taking back control of the female figure. She works from installations of open books and post cards of historical figure paintings scattered on the studio floor and then paints them from life. These observational oil paintings comment on the male gaze of artist throughout art history while overlaying features of contemporary women."


Words from the Artist

McLuhan stressed that the manner in which we are presented content can affect the way we identify with or distrust particular information. In a time when the consequences of rapid content exchange, “fake news,” and information bubbles are becoming more and more apparent, an art practice that questions these phenomena and media theory as a whole holds a sense of urgency. 
The rate of information exchange today leaves many of us feeling powerless. It can be isolating and often force a sense of doubt in relation to our beliefs, ideology, and self-image. The information overload is much like semantic satiation; repetition can lead to detachment.

My recent work explores broader existential issues often concerning conviction, truth, and identity as they pertain to the rapidly evolving culture surrounding information exchange. 

Alex McKenzie received his MFA in Time-Based Art from The University of Tennessee in 2018. His practice spans a diverse range of media and includes the production of screensavers, clocks, radios, and sound systems along with other commonplace and domestic items. Alex’s recent research focuses on feedback loops and digital media’s role in the formation of ideology. He lives and works in Knoxville, Tennessee.

unloading; a mother's body | SARA CORLEY MARTINEZ | MAY 2018

new works by sara corley martinez

Motherhood is loaded with all sorts of expectations and ideas of control. Since the moment of conception as a mother you are not in control. You are at the mercy of your own body and bodily function. This work seeks to discuss the irregularity and chaos of those bodily functions during and after pregnancy. I am specifically thinking about the relationship between what comes out of the body and fine art materials. This work is not meant to idolize or vilify the experience of pregnancy. Beauty, discomfort, and ideas of absurdity are up for interpretation, much like the real experience and transformation of pregnancy.


Mantle is pleased to present our second annual juried art show —
Excavations; Shindig

Our juror this year is Saralene Tapley, from Houston, TX.

Exhibiting Artists: 
Chad Hines
Dan Armstrong
Elise Thompson
Ghislaine Fremaux
Glenn Downing
Kristin Moore
Kristina Berrier
Rob Gordon
Ruth Burke
Sarah Rangel
Simone Schiffmacher

The Light That Remains | Dana Lynn Harper | March 2018

Words from the artist - "At the end of 2017, I lost my Dad to pancreatic cancer. Within the same 24 hours, my first boyfriend was lost to suicide. Since both of these traumatic losses, i have experienced astral dreams, dream states in which the souls of people that have passed come to visit. These dreams are stark white, placed in what feels like nothingness. Thoughts, ideas and communication are not completed with words but telepathy. It feels as if my spirit rises to meet my loved ones while they are lowering themselves back into the physical world to meet me. 

My exhibition "The Light That Remains," is as much about my emotional recovery as it is about these astral dreams and after-life communication. Light is explored as a literal concept through reflective and opalescent materials but also as an abstract idea of light as spiritual power and presence. The works that appear in the exhibition are abstracted visual representations of my metaphysical experiences where I am often thinking about portals that connect our physical and spiritual worlds."

uptownFRED | FEBRUARY 2018

Mantle Art Space and On And Off Fredericksburg Road Studio Tour for a special show about Fredericksburg Road and the unique arts culture around it. 

Also join us for a special collage workshop  on Saturday!

Participating Artists:
Lacey Bibiana Mills
Cosby Lindquist
Kenny Lantz
Sara Corley Martinez
Sarah Lawrence
Daniel Armstrong


Mantle is pleased to welcome back Saralene Tapley for "Homebody", a selection of works painted from life. 

A coordinating Artist's Talk was held on Jan.13th at 5pm directly before the opening.

"All of the work in this series are acrylic on paper I have been creating during the three years I have been living in NYC. All the works are from my home and school and from life. The theme centers around life as an artist trying to make it in New York City and painting everything you have available to you." 

"Homebody" is sponsored by the Foundation for Contemporary Arts.


Familiar is a show of all of the prints from our first annual print exchange.

Featuring screenprints, relief prints & digital prints by:

Kathleen Thapa
Soren Carlson-Donohoe
John Merson
Sarah Lawrence
Kenny Lantz
Sara Corley Martinez
Nicole Geary
Lacey Bibiana Mills



Mantle is proud to present the work of artist Jessica Bingham for "The Ones That Are Here"

From the artist: "My work is focused on stereotypical childhood experiences, which tends to be overtly playful, filled with laughter and adventure. However, I pair happier moments with instances that can be viewed as melancholy, moments that reveal the harsh reality of the human condition. After the passing of my closest childhood friend, due to drug addiction, memories from my youth surfaced. Since his death I have been reflecting on our friendship as it developed from the innocent years of childhood to the complex and confused years in adulthood. Vivid memories of playing games, building forts, and exploring the cemetery across from our homes came to mind. As I wrestled with this new reality, I have made work as an attempt to preserve those memories, and through working on this body of work, I have willingly opened doors to the past."


Mantle is proud to present "Scripted" from artist Scott Bell. 

From the artist: "The backbones of my ideas come from suburbia and the American Dream. I try not to take a one-sided approach to this investigation. I utilize narrative between objects and their relation to each other as well as pictorial space to make connections, and encourage contemplation of the domestic landscape. There are sub themes that reoccur in my work that lend considerably to my objective: boundaries, expectations, space, and waste. Each one of these topics is engrained in my work and helps me to create the narratives that I use."


Mantle Art Space is pleased to present fiber artwork from Kari Breitigam. 

From the artist: "Natural Abstractions is an ongoing series that began shortly after I moved to Texas from Ohio five years ago. Moving to a new place, or living in a large city, it can often feel as if one is passing through the world alone despite being immersed in a sea of people. I find this isolated sensation is not so distant from the experience of staring out into the ocean, wandering deep into the forest, or getting lost in the night sky. There is something beautifully melancholic and peaceful about feeling small and insignificant yet at the same time a part of something greater than you. Working with natural fibers - wool, cotton, and linen – provides an immediate connection to this subject of our natural physical world. The coziness of a fuzzy blanket is akin to the comfort of a lush bed of grass. My works attempt to capture little snippets of this serenity and create abstracted personal pieces of the overwhelming vastness of our world. There is something terribly lonely about nature, and I find that immensely comforting."


"Spacial Fragments" is a collaborative show from San Antonio artists Sara Corley Martinez and Sarah Lawrence. The work strives to strike a balance between the micro and the macro, the cosmos and earthly plane. Sara Corley Martinez explores micro biology and macro ambiance. Her work explores things that can't be seen, energies and experiences on otherworldly planes. Sarah Lawrence works primarily digitally, creating large scale prints intended to confront the viewer and place them in the ethereal vastness of space.


Mantle is pleased to present acrylic works by artist Saralene Tapley.

"Ordinary Things" is a show comprised of autobiographical self-portraits, painted from life. Tapley addresses themes like gender roles, sexuality, identity, mental illness, life as an artist, the absurd and the mundane. 

This exhibition will also have an interactive component, as guests are invited to participate with the work. Details TBA.


Mantle is pleased to present an installation by artist Lisa Urban.

Her painted works typically consist of surrealistic landscapes made up of knitted forms. This installation will comprise of sculptural forms, paintings, and a painted mural, allowing the viewer to be completely immersed in the surreal environments Urban creates.


From the artist -

Embracing abstraction, my paintings uncover visual pulsations of space, color, and form that embody what I consider to be the indescribable aspects of intimacy and sensual memory. The title of this exhibition Shimmer Guise is derived from these facets I hold close within my studio practice:

- Natural light and its important role in my decision making.

- Enigmatic forms that call to lived-in experiences as an individual who both celebrates and seeks to witness softness and sincerity.

- Never giving it all away.